Meditation Essentials

Daily Practices to Awaken the Love Within

Harness the secrets of building a simple, powerful meditation practice centered in the Heart.

‘In meditation, when the mind is calm, you have a personal contact with the Divine, not outside, but within you. And this inner contact is the most wonderful and the most powerful contact you can ever have.’ —Paramahamsa Vishwananda


Learn the Secret to Great Meditation

Have you ever tried to meditate, but just ended up feeling frustrated at the non-stop thoughts and distractions?

Many people give up on meditation before they see results because - the truth is - calming the mind is not easy unless you have the right tools.

Meditation Essentials is designed to take you step by step into the experience of meditation. This is where peace of mind and the stillness of the heart become a living reality that lasts long after you leave your cushion.


Meditation does more than calm the mind.


❀  No longer being tossed around by the tides of life

❀  Being able to quickly rebalance when overwhelmed or anxious

❀  Consistent self-love, acceptance, compassion, and positivity

❀  Being more grounded and present in each moment

❀  Bringing more love into your life and relationships

❀  Feeling deeply connected to the Divine within

Experience the breakthrough of a meditation practice centered in Love.

Refine your Focus with Mantra

We are always meditating on something – but it’s often our problems and worries. Mantra meditation helps us to take back control of the mind and focus it on something positive.

Harness the Power of Breath

The most powerful tool for meditation is always with us - our breath! Learn how to utilize the breath to take you into a calm, relaxed state within minutes.

Enter the Heart with Guided Meditation

Go deeper with guided meditations to calm the mind and enter the spaciousness of the heart, opening your life and relationships up to experience more connection and fulfillment.

Make the Mind your Friend

This course isn’t about sitting perfectly still or stopping your thoughts; instead you will learn how to make the mind your friend, so it works for you, not against you.

Whether you have never meditated before, or have been meditating for years but still haven’t found “it” – this meditation course is a guide that will show you the way Home –
back to the Heart.

“All spirituality starts in the mind, then, it reaches the heart. This 'thought of the heart', you may call it 'the voice of God', you'll learn to listen to without any doubt. Then, whenever you sit in meditation, you’ll feel a deep bliss, and the awareness that the Divine is with you.” —Paramahamsa Vishwananda

This course is right for you if:

You are new to meditation and want to start a practice that is practical, enjoyable and effective

You’ve meditated before, but want something deeper or haven’t experienced results from other practices

You want a simple and natural way to decrease stress, anxiety or worry

You desire a life centered in love and want to live from your heart - for good

“After learning to meditate, I noticed shifts in myself like being more emotionally balanced and able to handle the ups and downs of life. I look forward to my practice every day!” —Ally, Stanwood, WA


Here is how it works

Your course consists of 5 short video lessons (plus a bonus video!) and a bonus detailed PDF of each lesson. After you sign up, you will receive access to lesson 1. After you finish each lesson, the next one will unlock.

These lessons include a variety of techniques, knowledge and guided meditations that are easy to follow along, enjoy and incorporate into your daily life.

By the end, you will have all you need to start a meditation practice that you can enjoy and see results with as little as 5–15 minutes per day.

What you will learn:

Lesson 1:

What is meditation, intro to the course and a guided meditation to learn how to use the breath to enter a state of deep meditation.

Lesson 2:

A meditation you can do any time of day that will help you to gain the feeling and awareness of what is different when I live my life with the mind, and when I am living with the heart.

Lesson 3:

A guided meditation to help you “See with the eyes of the Divine” and tune into the essence of life - the reality of Love itself.

Lesson 4:

Learn to meditate using a powerful sanskrit mantra, plus its meaning, how to chant, and ways to deepen your mantra meditation practice.

Lesson 5:

Bringing it all together for a full meditation experience. Project Mantra: how to use what you learned to create a daily meditation practice.

Bonus Video: Intro to Mudra

What are Mudras, plus two mudras (hand positions) that you can use any time to balance your energetic body and overcome unconscious patterns.

PDF OF EACH LESSON: Each lesson will include a detailed written overview you can easily refer back to during any point in the course.


Expert Instruction

About Your Teacher

Swami Tulsidas spent 12 years living with and learning directly from Enlightened Master Paramahamsa Vishwananda. He has taught yoga and meditation in over 21 countries, to more than 8,000 people worldwide through a variety of classes, workshops, and retreats.

His courses take each participant on an intimate and empowering journey towards discovering the depths of Love and Divinity within through the joy of meditation.

“Swami Tulsidas has such a loving presence in the way that he guides others in their path of meditation. There is this special heart element that takes listeners out of their minds and, even if just for a moment, so often brings them to what I believe is the essence of Yoga itself: this deeper connection with the Divine. If you have not had the chance to dive deeper in this way, I would highly recommend attending one of his meditation courses!” —Quinn, Orlando, FL

What’s the investment?

Start your journey to a calm mind, open heart and love-centered life.

This one-time payment gets you:

5 Video Lessons

Downloadable PDFs with each lesson

Bonus ‘Intro to Mudra’ Video

Guided Meditations

Audio Recording of Mantra Chanting

Lifetime Access

Opportunities for 1:1 coaching

Invitation to Yogic Philosophy Masterclass

By joining this course, you will learn simple, enjoyable and effective meditation techniques you can fit into your busy schedule to bring more harmony, inner balance and connection to the Divine into your everyday life.

Follow the call of your heart. Start your meditation journey today!